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Signed Copy of Finding Fifty: A Memoir of Rising in Midlife

  • Have you ever wondered if it's too late in life to reach your goals?
    Maybe the haunting of your past and toxic relationships has held you back.

    If you've ever thought these things, this story is for you.

    When life didn't turn out the way society (or family) said it should, Jill Carlyle didn't give up-she forged ahead. Despite a lifetime of loss, poor choices, failed marriages, family estrangement, and a childhood wrapped in shame, trauma, and abuse, Jill found the determination to rise above the pain of her past and use it as the foundation for her future.

    Finding Fifty is every woman's story.


    This inspiring memoir takes readers on a journey into the ordinary life of Jill Carlyle as she wrestles with a past she can't control and discovers the power to shape a future she deserves. Her storytelling inspires readers to find something extraordinary in their own lives and empowers them to leap into a future full of purpose and hope.

    Order your signed copy of Jill Carlyle’s Best Selling memoir Finding Fifty today!  

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