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I write stories that examine women’s identity, sexuality, community, overcoming obstacles, dysfunctional families, the mother/daughter dynamic, midlife, and second-chance romance. I write stories that women can see themselves in. A space to escape yet feel seen, heard, and validated. My characters are human; they could be your mother, daughter, best friend, or next-door neighbor. When you turn the last page and set the story down, you will carry these characters with you forever.


Stories are the core of humanity. When we share our stories with each other we connect. Every shared story is a chance to make someone else feel less alone. I'm here to share my stories with you. Through my life experiences, I hope you see a bit of yourself, the person you are, and the power you wield just by being you.   

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Writing by the Water

Jill Carlyle

Contemporary   Romance    Memoir  Nonfiction





From high school dropout to college professor.

This inspiring memoir takes readers on a journey into the ordinary life of Jill Carlyle as she wrestles with a path she can’t control and discovers the power to shape a future she deserves. 

Finding Fifty is every woman's story. This isn't your typical bildungsroman, coming-of-age tale; this is a coming-into-age journey. Finding Fifty is a collection of stories about the struggle of self-invention, lost identity, and the rise to one's personal best despite insurmountable odds. Equally, it is an important message about the bold reckoning, and courageous shift into mid-life every woman ultimately faces.

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Kelsi Jo and Alex Kincaid married right after college; they raised four daughters and built a life that, from a distance, looked picture-perfect. For thirty years, it seemed nothing could shake them. Until a life-altering diagnosis changed it all. In the turbulent aftermath, Kelsi begins to question everything about her life, her marriage, and her choices. Everything she’d ever known dissolved as quickly as her husband’s ashes.

As Kelsi’s identity begins to unfold, she shocks family and friends as she lets go of the woman she once was and steps into the woman she's meant to be. 

Available 3/8/24
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Finding Fifty: A Memoir of Rising in Midlife

What readers are saying about Finding Fifty

"A powerful story of overcoming adversity, healing from your past and creating the life you need to thrive."


"I write to record what others erase when I speak, to rewrite the stories others have miswritten about me, about you."

Gloria Anzaldua

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